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God of Surprises

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Dear All Saints and St Marys I have been pondering the phrase “The best laid plans...”. Its a proverb which speaks of how even some of the best plans can go awry. That is perhaps how I was feeling at the beginning of this week as we looked again with different people at how weddings, baptisms, fairs and picnics might be possible still all be it different to how we might have originally planned. I have also been struck in prayer by the very strong sense that the God we worship is also a God of Surprises. There are moments when our plans, the ones that we thought were the best looking, can be turned on their heads, by a God who is able to pull those plans into an even bigger picture. At that moment when it feels that the plans are crashing about around us, God can bring some of what looks broken and impossible back together and the end result is one that is unexpected, surprising and possibly even better than what we had planned. So in prayer and trust I lay before you this weeks offering of what God might surprise us with this week. Sunday 20th June 10.30am Holy Communion at All Saints with Junior Church - with Mark Simms and Revd Janey. Revd Lizzie and Katie Leaver will be leading Junior Church this week. You can watch the service broadcast from here - Sunday 20th June Live Stream 10:30am 6.30pm Holy Communion at St Mary’s - with Revd Lizzie and Mark Simms. Here are this week's Roots at Home and Activity sheets, Picnic and All Saints Fayre Posters at are the bottom along with the notice sheets. (Please note that St Marys Fair will be on Sat 3rd July)

Download PDF • 803KB
Download PDF • 827KB

And in the week ahead… Monday 21st June 8.15am Morning Prayer (on zoom), hosted by Carla. Please email if you would like to be added to the circulation list for the link. Wednesday 23rd June 9am Celtic Morning Prayer at All Saints church Thursday 24th June 10am Holy Communion at St Mary’s with Revd David James Saturday 26th June All Saints Summer Fayre12pm - 3pm – Please note that most of the stalls will be outside in the grounds.

NEXT Sunday 27th June, we have: 8am Holy Communion at All Saints with Revd Janey and Revd Lizzie 10am Holy Communion with Baptism at St Mary’s – with Revd Janey and Red Lizzie 12 noon – 2pmBenefice Picnic in Vassells Park – Join us with a picnic and a blanket for fun and games in the park – everyone welcome to join (we will gather in groups of less than 30) One of the prayers from our Roots materials this week I have found helpful – in trusting that God of Surprises. Eternal God We praise and adore you for all that you are: For being bigger than even our biggest questions; For caring more than we can fully comprehend. We praise and adore you For your strength and your silence; For your power and your peace. We praise and adore you For being in control and yet not being controlling; For being in the storms and beyond them. We praise and adore you Father, Son and Holy Spirit We Praise you forever. Amen Revd Lizzie Kesteven Vicar of All Saints Church and St Marys Church, Fishponds Interim Co Area Dean of Bristol City Deanery Advisor for Spirituality and Spiritual Direction for Bristol Diocese 0117 9650856 07973917720

20th June 2021 Email Notice Sheet (1)
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St Mary's Church Weekly Sheet - Sun 20th June[24805]
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