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Breath, Wind, Flame, Fire and Peace - Welcome to Pentecost!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Dear All Saints and St Marys

Happy Pentecost.

This weekend we celebrate together in different ways the great festival of Pentecost. 50 Days after Easter we celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit.

It is a day where we are invited to breath in afresh the life giving power of the Holy Spirit which enables us to be God's people in this part of the world, yet at the same time know that we are divinely connected to so many others all over the world.

There are so many different images of the Holy Spirit. Breath, fire and flame. But each of them are visible and tangible in different ways. We can see, feel, and often hear flame and breath. Both can be simultaneously comforting and disturbing.

The Spirit is more than a mechanism through which the people can connect and communicate with God, the Spirit is the way in which we are given what we need to continue the work of Jesus Christ and God.

The Spirit is the way in which we understand and discern God in our lives and can see God’s work in the world. It is the way in which we understand and experience both Gods power of comfort and challenge.

It is the Spirit that gives us the confidence to wander into what can be unchartered places.

It is the Spirit who calls us to account. It is the Spirit who guides us and guards us in times of uncertainty and

it is the Spirit who gently leads us to safe pastures or enflames us to righteous action.

Come and worship with us this Pentecost and be renewed in faith and fellowship with the power of the Spirit.


8am – Holy Communion – All Saints

10am – Sung Holy Communion – St Marys with St Marys Kids

10.30am – Holy Communion with Hymns – All Saints


Wednesday 31st May

9.00am - Celtic Morning Prayer - All Saints

Thursday 1st June

10.00am - Holy Communion - St Marys

Saturday 3rd June

10:00am - Coffee Morning with Repair Cafe - All Saints

12.00noon - 2.00pm - Saturday Lunches - St Marys

Sunday 4th June

10.00am - Creative Church St Matthews gospel - St Marys

10.30am - Holy Communion - All Saints

6.30am - Choral Evensong - St Marys

Please find bekow the weekly sheets with notices.

May you know the power of the Spirit rest on you this day.

Blessings Revd Lizzie

Revd Lizzie Kesteven

Vicar of All Saints Church and St Marys Church, Fishponds

Interim Co Area Dean of Bristol City Deanery

Advisor for Spirituality for Bristol Diocese

0117 9650856


28th May 2023 Email Notice Sheet
Download PDF • 1.27MB

St. Marys - 28th May 2023
Download PDF • 116KB

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