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A sower went out to sow...

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Greetings St.Mary's and All Saints!

I wonder how many of you are enjoying seeing the results of seed you have sown earlier in the season?

On Monday a grandma at Tiny Tots told me how exciting it is seeing her flower seeds come up and blossom in bright colours. Flowers and fruit are signs of new life and hope. But you can't get good growth without seed, good soil, rain and warmth. As I write I can hear welcome rain blowing against my window, while indoors the aroma of strawberries is filling the house. (Mark is making jam again!).

This Sunday's reading, Jesus's Parable of the Sower speaks of sowing seed - the Word of God - The Good News of the Kingdom.

We invite you to come and worship with us this Sunday as we respond to God's Gospel of Reconciliation and seek to spread his peace in the world.


Readings: Genesis 25: 19 - end; Romans 8: 1 - 11; Matthew 13: 1 - 9,18 - 23.


St. Mary's

Sung Holy Communion


All Saints

Holy Communion with Hymns


Mon 17th July


All Saints

Tiny Tots

Wed 19th July

9.00 - 9.30am

All Saints

Celtic Prayers

6.30- 8.00pm

All Saints

Adult Confirmation Class (For more details speak to Rev Lizzie, Diane & Mark Simms)

Sat 22nd July


St Mary's

Saturday Lunches

Sun 23rd July


All Saints

Youth Confirmation Class (For more details speak to Rev Lizzie)

SERVICES NEXT SUNDAY 23rd JULY Communion Readings: Genesis 28.10-19a; Romans 8.12-25; Matthew 13.24-30,36-430


All Saints

Holy Communion


St Mary's

Sung Holy Communion


All Saints

Café Church: : The God who Relents (Jonah 3:1-4:1; Luke 13:6-9)

HOLIDAY BIBLE CLUB: 24-28 July mornings - at ALL SAINTS There are still a few spaces for 4-12 year olds. Our theme this year is Jonah with tons of games, bible stories, crafts, drama and singing. Speak with Revd Diane or Lizzie for more information and to book a place.

In a speech he gave on Reconciliation last week, our Archbishop Justin, summarised the Gospel in these compelling and beautiful words.

God says you are loved so much that I died for you so that you can be reconciled to me, to yourself, to all that needs doing.

In my resurrection you have life and purpose, and by the gift of the Holy Spirit I equip you for the life of struggle and suffering, of joy and fulfilment, of pleasures and pains that are the cost of following Jesus. I will never leave you, never fail or forsake you. Nothing can tear you from my hands, not even you.

May you discover God's acceptance in his message and then share his words to bring hope to someone else this week.

Thanks be to God!

Rev'd Diane Simms Assistant Curate All Saints and St Mary's Fishponds

Weekly SHeet July 2nd 2023 Trinity 4
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St. Marys - 16th July 2023
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Thrive With Roots
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Roots Activity Sheet
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