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Paying Attention to the small things

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers As the Bank holiday Weekend begins its good to be able to look forward to the next few days and what that might bring. I hope that for those who are away that it brings rest and a change of place and pace. For those here in Fishponds I hope that the days have brought regular rhythms and also perhaps some spontaneous encounters and conversations. This weekend, as well as being a Bank Holiday, is also a 5th Sunday – when our usual rhythms’ and routines are joyfully interrupted. A time when we can say – what might we do this weekend? It has been a delight to return from some time off to see all that has been happening, and then to be able to join in with all that is about to happen as well. I look forward to seeing people over the weekend and especially at the time to gather for the Benefice Service at All Saints this Sunday when we are looking especially at Psalm 104 and the depths of creation. September marks the beginning of creation season in the church year – a time when through harvest and the autumnal season around us we can look closely at God the Creator and what that might mean in our lives. We begin this weekend with that focus in our worship and have the chance to take part in a a creative service that will be engaging for all ages and senses. A chance to colour, paint, look, search, enquire and discuss. There will be a chance to sing and pray and offer all that we might hope and desire at this time and in this place. Join us for this worship and the chance to enjoy each other, pay attention, lament some of what is and rejoice in some of what has been and might be.

This Sunday 29th August we have the following services:

  • 10.30 am All Age Creation and Creative Benefice Service at All Saints – with Revd Diane and Revd Lizzie

  • 6.30 pm Said (not sung) Holy Communion at St. Mary’s - with Revd Lizzie

Attached this week - Looking at Psalm 104, the Ethical Buying Workshop and St. Mary’s Notices. Please also check out the attached posters as we start to focus on September and the creation season as well as celebrations. We can join with St Marys as it celebrates 200 years of faithfulness and service in Fishponds on the weekend of the 11th September and as well as focusing on our Ethical buying Workshops on the 18th September. September is often an abundance of fruit, thought and ideas and I look forward to celebrating with people as we move towards the autumn.

NEXT Sunday 5th September, we have:

  • 10.30am am Holy Communion at All Saints with Junior Church - with Revd Lizzie

  • 6.30 pm Evensong at St. Mary’s - with Revd Janey and Mark Simms

As a community as we offer ourselves and our prayers to God I am aware of the fragility of life and shelter and security that the news near and far brings. In that I offer you this prayer. Almighty Creator May you keep close to your care those in need, May you bring comfort and healing to places of rupture and discord May you heal and bring peace to your people May you bless all who ask and plead and pray for your protection. May you love eternally and unendingly And then again. Amen Revd Lizzie Revd Lizzie Kesteven Vicar of All Saints Church and St Marys Church, Fishponds Interim Co Area Dean of Bristol City Deanery Advisor for Spirituality and Spiritual Direction for Bristol Diocese

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