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Message from Rev'd Lizzie Kesteven - Saturday 6th June

Dear All Saints and St Marys

Tomorrow we celebrate the Feast of the Trinity and it is a great delight that our reflection and Sermon today come from Revd David James – so a big thank you to David for his words, and he will join us on the Coffee and Chat Zoom on Sunday.

I have also attached the Notice Sheet from All Saints – thanks to Anita for putting this together each week and on there are some great ideas for worship as well as some prayers for the coming week. For all at St Marys and beyond we add the sad news of the death of Miranda (Curnew) who many of you will have been praying for. She died earlier this week after a long struggle with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers for her family and especially Brian and Tessa her parents whose ministry at St Marys and in Fishponds was hugely valued.

Do take a look at the church at home PDF as there is an excellent traffic light prayer I would like to commend to you all. Something helpful to take into the week.

As a note from myself, I will celebrate the Eucharist at St Marys tomorrow at 10am as I have done and bring there all your prayer intentions that you have given me over the last few months and weeks. I have decided thought that this will be the last time I celebrate communion before we are allowed to do so back together. It has been a huge prividge to “break bread” on behalf of all members of the congregation and parish over this time. Saul and Rachel and Ellie  have with huge integrity prayed with me as I have led this and received communion on behalf of all of you at All Saint and St Marys. We have felt spiritually connected to you as well as to all the “Saints in Heaven”. So I thank you and  them for that.

However, it has also felt desperately lonely, be that either in my study or at church. I close my eyes and deeply wish that you were all there. I miss you. And although I think it has been right in this season of Festivals – Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity to celebrate the Eucharist, I have also taken time with others, and in prayer to consider what this season of Covid 19 also might speak about God. I haven’t decided to live stream or zoom or pre record these Eucharist services and ministers around the world have done very different things in this difficult time. However, I have come to the conclusion that this is a time of Fast, a time of Exile and a time of Wilderness. I therefore will from this time onwards join with you in this Eucharistic Fast. It feels painful even to write that, and the sacrifice that you have all borne in this time of “fast” has been huge. Thank you for being so kind and generous in how you have continued to worship God and care for others despite this time of wilderness, which although challenging has also seen great fruitfulness and spiritual growth.

We will as a ministry team in June alongside sermons, resources and reflections, vlogs, recordings and zoom continue our virtual services of the word, be that on a Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and via the facebook pages and websites and emails . We will have different ways to connect through bible studies ( please contact Diane Simms about the one this Wednesday 10/06/20 ) and also continue to signpost other material and programmes that people might find useful such as the Mental Health First Aid Training. We are also starting to get some indications that churches can start to risk assess and plan for opening gradually but also potentially in July – we will keep everyone posted as soon as we have clearer guidance.

Trinity Sermon
Download PDF • 51KB

Here are some resources to help you celebrate Trinity Sunday at home.

Programmes for Worship Trinity Week
Download PDF • 33KB

Thanks to Rev'd David James for his Trinity Sunday Sermon.

Trinity CHurch at Home
Download PDF • 1.70MB

And don't miss Archbishop of York John Sentamu's retirement service

The zoom details for Sunday coffee and chat are available on request so do message if you would like details.

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