All Saints Church - Fishponds


1.The hall is covered by a Public Entertainment Licence.  This does NOT cover:  Theatrical Performances,  Cinema Performances, Sport as entertainment, Film Showings.  For the above, a separate application will have to be made to the Licensee.


2.  A licence is held for the premises for film showings but no charge must be made to those attending to watch the film.


2.There is no alcohol licence. If the PCC agrees, groups may arrange for an occasional licence. (Not valid on Sundays, Good Friday, or after 11.00pm.)


3.The hall can accommodate seating for 80.  The maximum capacity for any event is 150 persons.


4.No extension after 11.00pm permitted.


5.No Smoking permitted


6.ALL leaders of children's groups must have read All Saints 'Safe from Harm' policies and ensure they have sufficient safeguarding process and policies in place.  In the absence of their own - groups by abide by the All Saints policy and processes.


7.The Church reserves the right to request references from prospective hirers.


8.Groups must have adequate insurance both for their own property and for their own public liability. (NB Church Insurance only covers the PCC)


9. Groups are responsible for providing their own First Aid kit and First Aiders to ensure they meet specific needs for their group.  A First Aid kit meeting the minimum requirements is available in the kitchen.  Any accidents / incidents where this kit is used must be logged in the First Aid book provided.


10. For one-off use:  A NON-RETURNABLE deposit of 50% of the total cost of hiring is required at the time of booking.  The booking is not confirmed until this deposit is received.  


11.Hire fees for charitable events MAY ONLY be waived at the discretion of the PCC, and if the Hirer applies in writing in advance of the event.


12.Rent / fees must be paid in advance, unless a specific agreement is in place with the booking secretary (this only applies to Regular Lets). In addition, a deposit against damage may be requested.


13.Heating will only be turned on when asked for in advance.


14.Casual users must remain on the premises until the keyholder returns to lock up.


15.Parking is available outside of the church gates.  Minimal parking is available within the grounds.  Cars parked at the church are parked at the owners' risk.  Cars must not be parked or driven on the grass. The PCC cannot accept any liability for any loss however caused.  Drivers are warned children are often playing in this area.  Every care must be taken of pedestrians and young children.


16.Each hall is available to hire in its own right.  Hire of the main hall itself does not include use of the link building, unless this is booked at an additional rate.  A discouted rate is used for this purpose.


17.The hire of the hall does not include crockery or cutlery as the PCC cannot guarentee the volumnes available.  The crockery and cutlery on the premise can be used but any damages must be reported to the Hall Booking secretary and a charge will be made for replacement.


18.Hirers/Groups must take responsibility for any damage caused during their let. Any damage must be reported immediately either to the Hall Booking secretary to ensure swift repair and safe guard other users.


19.Any celebratory decorations, banners, balloons etc should only be put up with Blu-tack so as to ensure there is no damage to the fabric of the building. No helium filled balloons to be used.  No smoke machines are allowed as these will set off the fire alarm.


20.The kitchen must ONLY be used for the preparation of food and drink, and for no other purpose.  Art and craft activities must use the water supply in the toilets, and supervisors must ensure all sinks are cleaned thoroughly after use.  


21.Hires/Groups must clean up after themselves. This keeps costs down thus enabling us to keep rents lower.

- All rubbish must be removed from all rooms used and put in the outside dustbins / recycling boxes accordingly, which are located outside the Hall at the top of the  driveway.  

- Tables used must be well cleaned afterwards.

- Cleaning clothes or tea towels are to be provided by groups/hirers and should be taken away after each let.

- The floor must be swept /vacuumed after your let to ensure the room is left in a good condition for the next hall user.

- All equipment must be left tidily at the back of the hall / in the store room and chairs restacked


22.Hirers MUST NOT leave or store property in the hall. Items remaining in the hall after a let will be removed. Lost property can be reclaimed from the Hall Booking secretary.  Some storage space is available but this restricted and groups but not use more than allocated.  NO large items are to stored at the premises without the permission of the Hall Booking Secretary and suitable storage provision be available.


23.Groups who normally lock up after themselves MUST CHECK:

- all power points and lights are off

- all radiators are turned back up to '5'

- all taps are turned off

- all windows are shut

- all outside, emergency and inner doors are shut

- RESET THE INTRUDER ALARM (NB. Alarm will sound if any door is left open)


24.Keys issued must not be duplicated. If keys are lost, the lock must be replaced, the key loser will pay the cost of which.


25. Hirers must not charge any other people for using the premises during the time they have booked.


25.Under no circumstances must the alarm code be divulged to anyone except the one member of the group to whom it was told. If this happens then the hall-booking secretary must be told and a new code will be set.

Hall Booking - Conditions of Hire