All Saints Church - Fishponds


Main Hall


Our main hall is ideal for children's parties, receptions, celebrations, fundraising events, workshops and many other things.  It is used regularly in the week for fitness programmes and childrens groups.


The main hall can hold up to 150 guests (restricted to 80 if seated).


Bouncy castles are allowed (a number of local firms know the hall well).  Some pictures are below.


Link Room


Ideal for smaller meetings / gatherings - this hall will seat up to 30 people (to give an idea of size).


It can be booked on it's own - or if you want a bigger space, it can be booked with the main hall to give a bigger space in which to enjoy your celebations.


The New Room


This room can hold up to 8-10 people.  It is often used for 1:1 counselling sessions and other smaller meetings.